Mini Rex - no longer available

Mini Rex are a smaller breed.  Their fur is amazingly soft!  It was described to me once as 'running your hand thru melted butter!'  Mini Rex have ears that stand up and should have nice round, well balanced bodies.  We have also pulled our breeding stock from a Nationally known breeders and have been working to develop great show rabbits.  One of our breeding bucks won Reserve Grand Champion in fur and Best Opposite Sex of Breed at the 2015 Madison County Fair.  We are also the proud owner of the 2017 Mini Rex Nationals Best of Breed, Redelman's Kay! These rabbits also make great pets which means animals who wouldn't do as well on the show table can make a great house bunny!  Some of our regularly produced varieties are tort, black and broken.

Pictures of some of our rabbits here at Bunny Egg Farms

Pictures sent to us by happy bunny owners!!

Holland Lops

Holland Lops are the smallest lop-eared breed (confusing because there is a Mini Lop that is actually larger).  They are only showable up to 4 lbs.  Some Hollands are bigger than that and can make great pets or breeding animals but will not be showable once they're over the weight limit.  Hollands should have shorter ears and a nice wide head and chest.  We work hard to breed a better rabbit with each litter and have been working to create our own lines but that is a lengthy process.  We have pulled from some Nationally known breeders to start our herd and while not every animal is a great show bunny, we try to help you get what you're looking for at a fair price.  We have many colors but work regularly with the following colors:  Blue, Blue Tort, Black Tort, Sable Point and Black.

Mini Lops - no longer available

Mini Lops, while a bit bigger than Hollands, are also a smaller lop-eared breed.  These rabbits will get to be around 6 lbs.  They have a good temperament as a pet also.  Minis have longer ears and well balanced bodies.  Our first mini lop won Grand Champion at the Madison County 4H fair in 2014.  We have purchased additional breeding stock from a top Mini Lop Breeder as well and continue to do our best to better our stock for show purposes.  *We no longer breed Mini Lops but will leave this information as it is helpful for distinguishing between Mini and Holland Lops.*