Rabbit Supplies:

When able, we offer several items you can purchase to help take care of your new bunny.  If you are interested in any of the following, please message me to confirm availability and pricing:

-Heinhold Rabbit Food:  General Rabbit Formula (40 lb bags)

-I often have used cages, carriers, bowls, etc

General Care:

You'll need the following things before your bunny comes home:

-Cage:  Below is a cage I like a lot.  I specifically like a cage where the top opens as I think it's easier for both kids and bunnies to go in and out through a large top hole.  They do like to have a place to hide and this one has a bowl that snaps on for food.  This can also be found on Amazon.

-If you plan to use bedding of any kind in your rabbits cage/hutch, you'll need pine chips or Carefresh.  NO CEDAR chips as rabbits are allergic!  If you plan to litter train them I suggest the litter pan below and pine (not cedar) chips for the 'litter' - NEVER use cat litter!  You can find this on Amazon.

-Pellets:  Most brands are fine.  I strongly discourage pellets that have little treats or seeds in the bag.  Generally those are not the best choice.  Popular choices that offer smaller bags are Oxbow, Dumor and several others.

-Hay:  Timothy hay is something you can get anywhere and want to try to feed daily.  If you have other animals and buy bales of hay, just try to stay away from alfalfa.  

-Water:  Our bunnies drink from bowls. Although most of the time they transition easily to a bottle, I do strongly suggest a bowl for water, especially show rabbits.  If you choose to use a bottle, pay close attention that your bunny is actually drinking water for the first few days.


If you have trouble with your new bunny, please contact me as soon as you know there is an issue.  I will always do my best to help.  I won't always be available but the following websites are places that I feel have great information and answers to lots of questions: